Karma and Chaos
New and collected essays on Vipassana Meditation.
Written by: Paul R. Fleischman, M. D.
Published by: Vipassana Research Publications
Edition: First Collected English Edition 1999.
ISBN: 81-7414-009-3

This is a book I really enjoyed. I’ve taken a Goenka style Vispassana course (more about it in a future post). And as a result, gained access to their old student website where I came across Fleischman. I like his combination of mysticism and science. He’s also easy to understand in audio media as he doesn’t have an accent.

This book has sections about meditation theory and about the science/math behind why meditation/buddhism and science  are two aspects of the same.

My favorite quote:

“Buddhas are rare. The further we follow the path they have walked,the closer we will get to the fruits they have won. Vipassana meditation blossoms when we have realistic acceptance of ourselves. In every setback, whenever we are knocked down, there is no better time to activate what we have developed so far. Vipassana is like walking through a series of doors in the house of your own kamma. Maybe one of those rooms with it’s slippery marble floors may take you lifetimes to cross. Someone may be singing the famous songburst that the Buddha sang at the moment he became fully enlightened, about how he had broken through all walls of himself. It may be you who is singing.”
p 80