Strong Waters

There's a deep current underlying the placid pool

Home Page

I’m just a man, trudging the road of life. What my name is isn’t really important. I am average in some things, a bit different in other things. That’s the only thing that makes me uniquely me.

Body, mind, and spirit are aspects of the being I call “me”, and those are the things I will blog about. A person I listen to for his wisdom once said: “Blogging seems to be rather egotistical, believing I have stuff that others need to hear”. That did give me pause for some time but I’m throwing this out to cyberspace to encourage myself to journal. Knowing others are reading this might make me more accountable to my journalling efforts. There is a lot of collective wisdom out there and I hope to share gems I find.

As this is a new blog, expect frequent changes and check back frequently, better yet, follow this blog and you’ll get an email when things change. Finally, you can check the What’s Changed page.

I do encourage you to add useful comments. We can grow together.

Thanks for joining me!


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